Cuban Condom Crisis

Cuban Condom Crisis

There is a condom shortage in Cuba so we’re donating a condom for every #cubancondomcrisis tweet. Get your tweet on

Spread the word! The more the message spreads, the more condoms will be donated to Cuba.

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After over 50 years of communist rule, Cuba has become accustomed to regular shortages of essential household items.

However, the latest worrying news from pharmacies in Cuba is the news of a shortage in condom supply.

Due to the shortage in supply, the price of condoms has dramatically risen beyond the realms of affordability from just a few cents to over $1.30 – the equivalent to a days wages for the average Cuban.

The National Centre of Sex Education, Cenesex, (run by President Raul Castro’s daughter, Mariela) has taken the sensible action of ordering whatever condoms are left to be sent to the areas with the most urgent need – specifically those with higher rates of HIV infection. But still, supply is short.

We’ve got in touch with Cenesex and offered to donate condoms to Cuba, specifically to suburbs of Havana. We will donate a condom for every tweet with the hashtag #cubancondomcrisis until 31st May 2014 so get sharing!

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